Homebuying & Ownership Process


Choose your home. Do your renovations. Pay it all on your

First Mortgage. Love it from the start!


Risk-free from initial realty service to final renovation delivery.

What makes this possible?


Performance bonded contractors + Bonds backed by the banks =
Guaranteed quality and completion dates


Consumer is King

Casavant has created the first formal partnership between the
Home Improvement, Mortgage Lending and Real Estate Industries.


RESULT: Eliminates hassles and risks for consumers while delivering
a seamless experience when going through the 

‘Resale Home-Buying Process’.


From Niagara to Peterborough, Guelph-Kitchener-Waterloo to
Lake Simcoe, and Toronto to Barrie-Collingwood-and-Midland:


We can help  turn your new house into your dream house from the start!




We have Identified Issues When

Buying and Selling Resale Homes


Resale homes are not 'picture perfect'. New buyers have their dreams!


AHH - I cannot afford the renovations now!! 


One problem we have recognized is that new homeowners are house rich and cash poor after buying a resale house. That leaves little or no money for renovations.


Since no house is perfect, the real cost to the consumer is:

House + Renovations = REAL Cost

Contractors don't give estimates before offers to buy are accepted and you, as the consumer,
do not know all the renovation costs.


Shouldn't you know your total cost before committing? Isn't this common sense?





I need help with paying the mortgage!


Increasingly, consumers find they do not qualify for their mortgage due to their income-to-debt ratio.

We are able to help.
The Casavant Way helps by providing legal second suite renovations which is part of Casavant’s mission to provide affordable housing. More info in our social mission. Call us for conditions.
Wouldn't you want to have some help with paying your mortgage?



Renovations !!!


Renovations are scary. Casavant's Performance Bonded Contractors take the risk out of renovations. 


Casavant's 'Performance Bonding for Small Home Improvements', backed by Chartered Banks, protects lenders, mortgage insurers and consumers. All parties can be assured that the renovations will be done to specifications, on time and with good quality.


If the contractor does not perform to specifications and schedules, the contractor's secured bonds will cover the extra costs to dispatch emergency crews in to 'Straighten Out The Mess'.


Wouldn't you want to enjoy your new home as you have envisioned it from the beginning?



Home Buying Made Easy & Risk Free!


Step-by-step Casavant process in one glance. 'The Casavant Way' injects ultimate clarity of expectations, monitoring and accountability into an otherwise chaotic 'Home Ownership Delivery Process'.



... At NO Additional Cost to You, The Consumer!



Step-By-Step in Detail


Always remember: Performance bonds backed by
chartered banks guarantees quality




Contact Me, Your Casavant Affiliated REALTOR


As one of 300 specially chosen and highly knowledgeable Casavant Affiliated Realtors, I will be there to help and guide you step-by-step through the process. 


I have been  trained in The Casavant Way, and will help you buy your perfect home in your perfect location. I have vast experience providing comparable value reports for both unimproved and improved homes when renovations are completed.


The first step is to start off by officially signing the Agency Agreement so I will be able to represent you in your purchase.


You will have the knowledge of not only myself, but the collective information available from a large team consisting of my partner REALTORS®, our Architectural/Restoration Technologist and our Contractors. Sometimes, our contractors even know the renovation history of the house you are considering.




Pre-qualify for Purchase Plus Mortgage


Once you decide The Casavant Way suits your needs, my team will refer you to one of our Casavant Mortgage Affiliates who specializes in Purchase Plus Mortgages. This specialty lending product is designed to include renovation costs into a first mortgage.


Purchase Plus Mortgages can be tricky but our Casavant Mortgage Affiliates are experts in this Lending Product. They work for you to get you the best rates and product..


The process is personalized and their solid approval process will avoid last minute risks before closings, which reduces stress.


Once pre-qualified you will know what your borrowing powers are.



Find Your Perfect House


This is the fun part. Especially as you know that the house you find and are interested in can be tailored to suit your needs and tastes.


I can help make your vision for the lifestyle that suits you come true.



Home Evaluation, Renovation Consultation
and Estimate


Prior to putting in a conditional or firm offer, one of our Restoration Technologists / Architectural Technologists will be there for you to conduct a Resale Home Evaluation.


He/she will not only talk to you about present house conditions, but will also present you with a broad-stroke design and contract price of what it will cost to transform the house you may want into your personal dream home.


If necessary, they also have the resources for hazardous material testing, completely destroying any odors of the home (not just masking them) and much more. These service providers are true professionals, dealing with all issues.


Our hands-on construction experts use a pricing software that is used by the major Homeowner's Insurance Companies to price out home owner's insurance claims. It is the foundation for the muti-billion dollar wholesale home improvement industry serving North American insurance companies. This ensures price consistency and fairness. It uses the most up-to-date, standardized pricing data for construction across North America which is also customized for price variances in your particular area.


This ensures fair, honest estimates that reflect the proper value of the renovations in your neighborhood. Drawings and specifications are incredibly precise, leaving nothing to the imagination. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and later disputes.


You will be able to make informed decisions prior to finalizing your offer. This is especially important in a booming market. You do not want to overpay for your property, then face unknown improvement costs.


Our experts will be there within 24 hours to help you get the full
Home-Ownership-Experience you want.



Make an Offer


Prior to making the final offer:

  • You will have a good knowledge of the condition of the house

  • You know what your desired renovations will cost

  • Your finances have been pre-approved for the home purchase as well as your chosen improvements.

  • You will still have a window of time to refine your improvements

Imagine: You can make unconditional offers if you want without fear of nasty surprises with an evaluation done prior to an offer.



Close on the House


After the offer is accepted, the time before closing is busy.


This is when your team shines!


The design and, if necessary, permit drawings are prepared and finalized. Final changes are presented to lenders for approval.


Nothing is left until the last minute!


Items on your Wish List must be addressed and clarified before work commences upon closing as they impact costs and scheduling of the trades. By working with an integrated team you will be kept totally informed.


No surprises! Improved efficiency! Better communication!


On the legal side, steps are taken to release the money for the house and renovations which are directed to the closing lawyer who will hold the money in trust.


On the day of closing, the money to take possession of the house is released. The money for the renovations stays in, or is directed to, the closing lawyer's trust account until the work is finished and inspected by a 3rd party quality control technologist, who approves stage draws or final payment.


The lender's appraiser confirms completion, contractors are paid and you are living in your completed dream home.



Renovation by Performance
Bonded Contractors


After receiving the keys, the renovations will start (Assuming there is enough time to process required permits between buyers releasing buyer's purchase conditions and actual closing dates).


The contractor will do the renovations in a turn-key operation, on time, on budget and under tightly monitored quality control conditions.


Performance Bonds are in placed in advance of starting the work, committing to you, the customer, that home improvements you desire will be completed on spec and on time. These bonds are backed by the Chartered Banks.


In case of non-performance by the contractor, the bonds will pay for an Emergency Service Charge to a replacement contractor and cover the extra administration costs. (Ask for more details).


The end result: No risk to you, the customer, and you will be left with the dream home you had envisioned from the start.


This is a much better quality assurance process than just posting bad reviews on consumer web sites, such as Homestars.


No-one, up until now, has ever structured and enforced this level of financial protection for consumers, lenders, mortgage insurers, governments and other stakeholders involved in the home-buying process.





You Love your Dream Home


You will love your dream house for years to come!




For more information or to start the 

home-buying process call or fill out the form:

Vita Li Vigni  :  416-662-2945